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New hall construction without door damage.

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Our customer benefits from reliable door solutions and secures crossings with Intelligent Mirrors.

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The problem:

Huge costs due to door damage on existing buildings. Difficult to see crossings.

The solution:

For the new hall construction, Linde Door Control was installed at an early stage and before the new doors were put into operation. Intelligent Mirrors bring more safety to crossings within the company premise. Projectors on doors with visual warnings on the floor for pedestrians when approaching. The customer has been supported since the planning phase of the new hall building.


The result:

No door damage to the new hall construction and therefore no more costs for the customer. Fewer events at crossings, increased feeling of safety for employees at pedestrian crossings and door areas.

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"There is no more door damage."

Denni Maas, Service consultant at MV Fördertechnik, authorized dealer for Linde Material Handling in Germany

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