No damage to high-speed gates

Efficient processes in the handling area.

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Our automotive customer benefits from the combination of personal and infrastructure protection provided by Linde Safety Guard.

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The problem:

Enormous costs due to gate damage.

The solution:

The Linde Safety Guard with Door Control. 

It was determined that people in the handling area could also be protected from approaching vehicles by a modular extension.

The result:

Our customer immediately noticed fewer incidents in the handling area. Equipping the high-speed doors has meant that collision damage has been reduced to a minimum, thus cutting running costs.

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‘Here we had the challenge to configure the Linde Safety Guard in a way so that the gates remain open automatically as long as the forklift remains in the area.’


Mathias Kastner, Safety and Assistance Systems Consultant at GRUMA Fördertechnik, Linde Material Handling dealer in Germany

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